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Welcome to Consumed at Radford University.  We are Chi Alpha’s discipleship ministry.  Feel free to checkout our site, if you would like more information see the “Contact Us” section below. Also, check out our facebook group!


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“There are moments in history when a door for massive change opens.  Great revolutions for good or for evil occur in the vacuum created by these openings.  It is in these times that key men and women, even entire generations risk everything to become the hinge of history.  That pivotal point that determines which way the door will swing.” – Lou Engle

Who Will Intercede



“Whenever a nation is in crisis and there is no human remedy God calls the people to fast and pray!”

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Popular Resources

.Nazirite DNA (audio and booklet)

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By Lou Engle, The Nazirite type calling of prayer and fasting has erupted among young people in the last 10 years, God is preparing young people in the wilderness of fasting and prayer for one of the greatest spiritual awakenings of all time.

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Recently Added

We’ll continue to add things to this site. If we add any new sermons, videos, music etc. we’ll be sure to post a link here so that you’ll be aware of it. To see more resources, click here.

Sept. 26, 2010

  • Experiencing Intimacy with God (3 parts) – By Mike Bickle, These three messages tell about the power that comes from experiencing intimacy with God.

May 28, 2010

  • Blessings of Covenant – By Lou Engle, Do you want God to fight your battles?  Be rightly aligned with Him in covenant, and He will.  We were meant to rule through intercession.  Align yourself with God and enter into the epic battles of our day.
  • Book of Revelation Time-line – By Mike Bickle, Understanding the chronological structure of Revelation is key to understanding the prophetic message contained in the book.  This time-line gives details on when the events in Revelation will unfold.
  • Dating – By Paul Washer, In this sermon Paul discusses principles that are foundational to building a strong relationship.
  • First Commandment, The (12 Parts)- By Mike Bickle, Mike calls us to love Jesus with all of our heart, soul, mind, and strength. What does it look like to love God in this way? Mike shares practical ways to do this. We were created with a longing to love God with all of our heart. Nothing satisfies the human spirit more than giving the deepest affections of our heart to Jesus.

Mar. 29, 2010

  • Sacred Charge (7 parts) – By Mike Bickle, “The Sacred Charge” series outlines the 7 commitments of a forerunner.  This series is especially relevant to young people who desire to press into God and prepare themselves to be used by God.
  • Ten Skills of Personal Discipleship (10 parts) – By Daniel Brown Ph.D., The “Ten Skills of Personal Discipleship” series provides a tremendous amount of practical wisdom to anyone who desires to make a greater impact in one to one ministry.

Feb. 14, 2010

  • House of Prayer – By Lou Engle, God says His house shall be called a house of prayer (Is. 56:7). This is how the Church is defined, should operate, and be known.

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Joshua and Tiffany Goodhart

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